P13.5 LED Flashlight Bulb

///P13.5 LED Flashlight Bulb

P13.5 LED Flashlight Bulb

Our LED flashlight bulbs ensure steady lumen output with constant current. In addition, they have reverse polarity protection function, so that they won’t be burned out even if the power supply is connected reversely. What’s more, we can design multiple colors to meet you and your customers’ requirements. Like White, Red, Green, Blue, UV, and Infrared.


  • Model No.: DS3209K2–3WCR-S
  • Power: 3W
  • Voltage: 3.2V – 9 V DC
  • Intensity: 180 LM
  • LED Colors: White (Alternative: Red, Green, Blue, UV, and Infrared)
  • Color Temp:  Cool White (Alternative: Pure White, warm White)
  • Lamp holder:  PR Flange
  • Lifespan: over 50000h
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P13.5 LED Flashlight Bulb for Torch

LED flashlight bulb maybe be seen or used in your country. That right! These LED bulbs are all manufactured by us and are sold by regional agents.  They replace flashlight bulb, so it can extend the life of the flashlight. In addition, our LED bulbs are more brighter, meanwhile, they can save more money and energy. The most important feature is the auto temperature control function. The temperature would not be so high thus being beninfit to protect the circuit and extend the service life of LED bulbs.

We have successfully developed  to use in laryngoscopes in medical field all over the world. Users are all satisifed with this product. Maybe you have different needs for flashlight bulb, you can contact us. Nearly 20 industry rich experiences may help you.