Mini Mag Flashlight Bulbs

///Mini Mag Flashlight Bulbs

Mini Mag Flashlight Bulbs

Adopted the latest LED technology, LED is a kind of solid-state lighting source. Shells of the bulbs are made of metal materials and their inside structures are solid and with good seismic performance. If you have interest in this series, feel free to send an inquiry.

  • Model No.: DS1045MG-3WPG / DS3209MG-3WPG
  • Power: 3W
  • Voltage: 1V-4.5V DC (1.5V x 2 Cells); 3.2V-9V DC (1.5 x 3-6 Cells)
  • Lamp Luminous Flux: 260 ~ 280 LM
  • LED brand: CREE
  • LED Colors: White, Red, Blue, Green
  • Color Temp: Cool White (Alternative: Pure White, Warm White )
  • Working Temp: -30~+60℃
  • Lifespan: Over 50,000h


Features of Our Mini Mag Flashlight Bulbs

The design of such mini mag flashlight bulbs avoided the effect of the different sizes of retaining collars on Maglite flashlights. In order to match most kinds of torches, these bulbs do not need to use the original retaining collar of the flashlights.

Overheat Protection LED application technology is to solve the stability of the power supply and heat dissipation. Affected by the high temperature, the service life of LED will be shortened rapidly, even products can be damaged. This bulb in creased the heat dissipation of the metal as much as possible, and was equipped with overheat protection circuit in its small space. It can control the bulb temperature in a reasonable range to protect the operating stability of it. Thereby reach the highest brightness. What’s more, the bulbs have been inserted in wide voltage LED constant-current circuit, and can be operated in wide voltage range. Their brightness is stable within the working voltage. The inserted LED constant-current circuit can unreservedly exhaust all the electricity in the batteries. It can extend the lifespan of the batteries, and achieved the purpose of energy saving.

We also have reverse polarity protection in the mini mag flashlight bulbs so that they do not burn out even if the power supply is connected reversely. In this situation, users just need to change the direction of the positive and negative pole of the batteries, then the bulb can return to work.


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