Long-distance Marine Searchlight

///Long-distance Marine Searchlight

Long-distance Marine Searchlight

Marine searchlight is hot sale. This product is based on white laser source and has great advantages – energy saving, extreme straight bright light. 30W white laser searchlight’s beam forms a white spot through expanding. What’s more, the illuminance in 25m is 10500lux which is the most important feature on this kind of searchlight. For more information about the product, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Model No.: WL-30W-B
  • Power: 30W
  • Voltage: 18V DC
  • Illuminance at 25m: 10500 LUX
  • Lighting Source: 30W White Laser
  • Battery: 8*18650
  • Total Weight: 2.6KG


Marine Searchlight  for Search and Rescue in Sea

As a manufacturer of lighting, we have designed a new series using white laser as lighting sources. The electric energy is scarce and precious in the marine. 30W marine searchlight used in this situation is a good choice, because its lower power, long distance lighting with bright light. Besides, they are energy saving. Difference with orginal searchlight, our white laser lights are small size, light weight and protable.

White laser is the newest lighting source based on laser light and has high brightness and high collimation. According to these features, our company has designed long distance lighting products applying into special lighting,vehicle lighting,military lighting,medical lighting and marine lighting.