6.5km Handheld Searchlight

///6.5km Handheld Searchlight

6.5km Handheld Searchlight

100W handheld searchlight illuminates long distance up to 6.5km. Due to this feature, the white laser searchlight is widely applied into marine, military, border, lighthouse ect illuminate. Besides, our company also design a series of white laser light with difference power. More details, feel free leave a message.

  • Model No.: WL-100W-A
  • Power: 100W
  • Voltage: 220V AC
  • Illuminance at 25m: 31200 LUX
  • Lighting Source: 100White Laser
  • Power: AC 85V-265V
  • Total Weight: 13KG


6.5km Beam Distance Handheld Searchlight

Handheld searchlight is a latest product capable of long distance searching. Besides, 60W white laser light illuminates long distance – 6.5km. As a new laser light source, it has amount of advantages such as excellent directivity, high energy density, super-continuous spectrum, great bandwidth, flexible and varied center wavelength, high temporal and spatial coherence. Those advantages enable our white laser light products to be more widely used in a varity of industry.

Our company uses advantages of the searchlight’s light source to design a white laser searchlight. What’s more, this kind of product can achieve high brightness and high collimation of white light even from a far away distance. The most important feature is the white light can travel 6.5KM with its high brightness. If you want more info about our lighting products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.