1.5-36V LED Flashlight Bulb

///1.5-36V LED Flashlight Bulb

1.5-36V LED Flashlight Bulb

Our flashlight bulb are more brighter and could last long time. As a replacement bulb, it can be suitble for all kind of maglite led flashlights. Special drivers are designed by us so that our LED bulbs can save more energy, and what’s more, they could reach the maximum illumination effect. In addition, our unique heat dissipation system can extend the life of the product effectively.

  • Model No.: DS3209K2C-1WCN75
  • Power: 1W
  • Voltage: 3.2V – 9 V DC
  • Intensity: 100 ~ 120 LM
  • LED Colors: White (Alternative: Red, Green, Blue)
  • Color Temp: Cool white (Alternative: Pure White, Warm White)
  • Lamp holder: BA9s
  • Lifespan: over 50000h


Bright LED Flashlight Bulb

We are a LED flashlight bulb manufacturer since 2001 and has been in the leading position. The adoption of ISO9001:2015 quality management system ensures the quality of the our products. With a long history, many customers from European and American countries have become our regional sales partners. We produce LED bulbs in large quantities, and you can place your order freely.

Our products could manage long lifespan as we have patented dissipation designs. Of course, our bulbs are in a various of colors to meet different applications. What’s more,  they could work well under wide voltages.

We are not only a producer but also an innovative company. The circuit of the first tunnel lamp in China is designed by the company’s engineering department. As a matter of fact, we have lots of certifications like ISO, RHOS and CE. Feel free to contact and inquire, we are always here to help.