Potential Quality Problems of LED Lamp

///Potential Quality Problems of LED Lamp

Potential Quality Problems of LED Lamp

LED Lamp Has Potential Quality Problems

The market share of LED lamp products is rising constantly. China has become the biggest manufacturing country of lighting products. However, in the developing progress of the LED lighting industry in China, the quality problems of a part of products is worrying simultaneously.

Problems of LED Lamps

Experts said that dozens of recalls of Chinese LED lamps made by the American and European developed countries in every year. Analysis show that there are four main quality problems.

Firstly, the water-proof capability of the products is substandard, and made lamps easy to get moisture and internal damage. This kind of issue mainly found in outdoor LED lamps.

Secondly, the anti-shock protection cannot meet the standard requirements. The main reason is the product design of some manufactures has defects where the electric shock risk hidden in. And the deficient insulation of cable may cause a fire.

Thirdly, the internal and external wiring of product involves quality risks which may cause electric stock, fire hazard, falling masonry and other risks, and endanger the personal and property safety of the customers.

Fourthly, the toxic and harmful substances in the products are against the regulations.

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