2018 Facebook Data Disclosure

///2018 Facebook Data Disclosure

2018 Facebook Data Disclosure

Facebook Data Disclosure Problem

Cambridge Analytica claimed that they have deleted user data they acquired from Facebook. However, British media believe that they didn’t, at least not all data. They believe that these data and information has been sold to other companies.

For example, British media Channel 4 claims they got data of 1,360,000 users from Cambridge Analytica.

Channel 4 claims that all their data is from Facebook, and most of these users are from Coronado. They say that these data was used by Cambridge Analytica to affect public hearings during the US president election. What’s worse, nobody knows that how severe the data disclosure is, and this is unacceptable to users.

Users and Public Are Suspecting Facebook

Many users are now losing faith to Facebook and to the upper class. “They care about their business only, and they want to take control of us!” said some users.

To Mark Zuckerberg, the data disclosure is like the sword of Damocles. In 21st March, Mark published a post claiming that they have required Cambridge Analytica and its researchers to delete the data. And Zuckerberg says there’s evidence of deleting data. However, they didn’t check whether these data still exists, and this could be a potential threat in the future.

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