Energy Saving Bright Stage Light Products for Sale

Dosoe stage light is easy to use, plug and play. As a top manufacturer, our stage lighting systems are high efficiency, low power consumption, and are capable of long beam projection distance. In addition, our stage products project bright, colorful beams using high-power red, green, blue and white LEDs. They can generate a synchronized show in master/slave mode with easy-to-access and built-in automated programs or DMX control. Stage light can be transformed into 3 different shapes, such as linear, zigzag line, and structure matrix. 400w led moving beam light use 9PCS  15W LED, 50,000 hours lifespan uniform light. Our products are suitable for Bar, Karaoke, DISCO and many other indoor venues, which means it has a wide applicability. What’s more, there are real green energy products so as to maximize the user’s expense savings. Feel free to inquire and contact us if you have interest.

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