Mini Maglite LED Bulb

///Mini Maglite LED Bulb

Mini Maglite LED Bulb

Bi-Pi mini maglite led bulb for AAA cell flashlight works well in ordinary bulb.  What’s more, as the temperature becomes higher and higher, auto temperature control will keep temperature into safe range and protect the built- in circuit not to be burned out. This feature is our unique design, all of our products have the function.

  • Model No.: DS103BP1-1WPH
  • Power: 3W
  • Voltage: 1V – 3 V DC
  • Intensity: 90~100 LM
  • LED Colors: White (Alternative: Red, Green, Blue, UV, and Infrared)
  • Color Temp: Cool White (Alternative: Pure White, Warm White)
  • Lamp holder: Bi-pin
  • Lifespan: over 50000h


Over 50000h Mini Maglite LED Bulb

Mini maglite LED bulb can handle from 1V t0 3V volt and emit extreme bright light – 100LM. Besides, our products have revese polarity protection, even if you connect the pole reversely, the mini LED bulb will be OK. What’s more, high-efficient constant current LED driver is the most important feature in our products.

In the nearly 20 years, we have been developing products for led lighting. Up to now, most of products are all superior to similar products. The same series of products are Maglite Replacement Bulbs, Mini Maglite Bulb.More lifespan, more energy saving and more efficiency are our design products’ goal. Want more information about us and products? Feel free to contact us!