1- 9V Torch Bulbs Screw Type

///1- 9V Torch Bulbs Screw Type

1- 9V Torch Bulbs Screw Type

1V –  9 V torch bulbs screw type are applied into common or brand flashlights, lanterns or head lamps, such as Maglite and Black and Decker, Dewalt , Ryobi , Makita and Tiger and so on. This kink of product’s feature is saving energy, 0.5W LED bulbs can emit 55LM. More information of products and us, feel free contact us.

  • Model No.: DS109LA-0.5W
  • Power: 0.5W
  • Voltage: 1V – 9 V DC
  • Intensity: 45 ~55 LM
  • LED Colors: White (Alternative: Red, Green, Blue, UV, and Infrared)
  • Color Temp: Cool White (Alternative: Pure White, Warm White)
  • Lamp holder: E10 (Alternative: P13.5, BA9s)
  • Lifespan: Over 50000h


E10 Torch bulbs screw type

Torch bulbs screw type fit in E10, P13.5,BA9s torch base and handle from 1 to 9 DC Volts. What’s more, flashlight bulbs are built-in super-efficient constant current LED driver, which enable the bulb to work under a stable current, so as to decrease the LED’s lumens depreciation and extending its lifespan. In addition, the LED bulbs have no fragile filament to break, so they have excellent shock resistance that is superior than ordinary incandescent lamp.

We built in 2001 and have engaged in lighting industry and LED driver’s develop. Besides, we also design super bright flashlight and white laser long-distance searchlight.