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About Us

Deshun Technology was found in 2001. In the beginning, we focused on designing the LED driver circuit to help customers to use the LEDs well. In China, the earliest police flashlights and tunnel lamps were what we designed the LED driver circuit for. Then, we concentrate on the extreme technology for products to use in some severe environment, such as flashlights for deep-sea diving, lights for long-distance searching, and products with the ATEX certification.

We have powerful teams in designing of software, electronic circuit, mechanical structure and appearance. What’s more, we offer support according to your requirements for designing and developing excellent new products.

Feel free to inquire or contact us for any product you need, we are looking forward to cooperating with you. Email to us or call us directly at: +86 – 20-2209 3763, we will reply within 24h.


Our Certifications

As a lighting manufacturer since 2001, we have been leading the industry with patents on tech and appearance. With rich experience, all our products meet CE, RoHS and ISO certifications and standards, check some of our certifications below.